native american art
cherokee " The Imagination is that which is least human in man... it wrenches him away from himself and plunges him into ecstasy; it puts him into secret communication with the powers of nature. 'Who speaks to me with my own voice?' From himself comes a marvelous stranger called ART. "                        -- Mikel Dufrenne sedona vortex

© 2008 Dale Ferguson

Dale ferguson, artist, sculpture, bronze, mixed media, acrylic, art, paintings, southwest, native american art, hopi, anasazi, cherokee, kokopelli, sedona vortex, gallery joseph, kinion, fine arts, cobalt, dream catcher, arizona, tubac, sun valley, idaho, joseph oregon, coyote, celtic, scotland, scottish, sacred hoop, shaman, wounded knee, clan, quest, mountain spirits, clay.